Always be prepared for danger.
My ebook will teach you 10 life saving, extremely practical, easy-to-execute tips that will keep you safe and teach you how to deal with danger if absolutely necessary.

You'll never be a victim after reading this book.
  "I honestly knew nothing about staying safe other than looking over my shoulder in fear when getting cat called or walking around campus. Now, I know what to look for to indicate danger, I know how to manage my fear, and I know how to use my body as a weapon if need be. This ebook is such a great introduction into what I should've been taught growing up."    
– Nicolette Ray 20-something badass female
Packed with information you'll actually put to use in your daily life.
Learn the top mistakes you're making that are making you an easy target
Find out how to use your body as a weapon starting NOW – no formal training required
Prepare your mind to work under pressure. If violence happens, you'll be ready.
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10 Mindset Shifts to Move from Victim to Badass
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